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BKK Plumbing for all your Gas needs

BKK Plumbing offers a full range of gas fitting services, ranging from new installation to maintenance and or repairs. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out all your natural or LP Gas needs, whether you have a small or big job, emergency or upgrading we are here to help.

So whether is for residential or commercial applications, trust BKK Plumbing to give you the right advise and solutions to get your job done. 

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Our Gas Services

New installations

Gas leak repairs 


Gas cook top and ovens


Gas fitting


Gas hot water


Gas heating

Supply issues




Commercial Gas


Gas compliance cert


Gas is a reliable source for cooking, heating and hot water

BKK Plumbing are licensed and insured to be able to safely bring gas into your home.

Don't add risk and use a licensed plumber 


Natural Gas

Like LPG, natural gas can be used in domestic or commercial applications such as; cooking heating and hot water. Not being restricted to a storage bottle it takes out this disadvantage of having to replace a empty bottle in time of need. As natural gas is a continuous supply of gas through main pipe work it is also a better option if available for large scale supply.  

Liquid Petroleum Gas

LP Gas bottle are available in all sizes and will depend on your application for use, the most common for domestic would be a 45KG bottle which is generally located on the outside of the house. LPG is an amazingly versatile and transportable fuel that is an integral part of our everyday lives, being a portable gas means that it can installed in a number areas where natural gas is not available.


Helpful Contacts for gas supply

LP Gas


Natural Gas




For none life threatening  gas faults or leaks to your home or business contact:

BKK Plumbing 0403562284

Australian Gas Network 1800 4275325

Life threatening emergency Contact: