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There are only a few things that are worse than having hot water issues in your home or business. When your hot water goes, this is when you will start to look for a qualified and reliable plumber to get you up and running. We offer expert hot water plumbing solutions, fast dispatch and affordable rates.

Don’t lose more time without hot water trying to get quotes and searching the internet to hopefully find a plumber that can do the job right, get in contact with BKK Plumbing and it done right at an affordable price.


Our Hot Water Services

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Continuous flow systems


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Gas heating systems

Continuous flow systems are available in 6-star energy efficiency rating and comes in a very compact size, never running out of hot water makes these units the first choice for homes and business that have access to LP or natural gas. Unlike storage system, continuous flow systems don’t use gas when not be used which make these units ideal for holiday homes or where hot water usage is intermittent.   

Electric Hot Water Systems

Although electric storage system is less energy efficient than other heating system on the market such as gas or solar, the storage system technology has been around for a lone time and has proven reliability. Available in a number of sizes for homes of all sizes and having the lowest upfront cost for a like for like replacement.


Whether it’s a replacement or new installation BKK Plumbing can consult, install and commission your next water heater.


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